Configurations in details

Pememarks has some extra settings which is not configurable from the Pememarks menu. To change these settings open Firefox and enter "about:config" on the addressbar.

After opening "about:config", enter "pememarks" on the filter area.The items starting with "extensions.pememarks." are all pememarks settings. Following items are only configurable here.

Set "true" to make a folder(directory) that contains files or folders deletable. Be careful, when you delete a folder, it will deleted instantly. It means it does not use the Trachcan ( or Dustbox ). Default is "false".

Specify command line options to be used when the file manager is launched. For example specify "--browser" for file manager "nautilus" to launch it with folder view.

Set "true" to sort files and folders in same manner.

Set "true" to sort reversely.