Command Line

*Command Line

+All options consist of 2 alphabet.
+All options need an argument.
+Setting in Snattei.ini is used if option is not specified.


-rf <referer> : Specify referer
-to <timeout> : Specify time-out in second. Default value is 300.
-fs <1|0> : Specify whether wav file is played when a download finishes.
-sf <wavfile> : Specify wav file to play when a download finished.
-ap <anonymouspass> : Specify anonymous pass which is used in ftp login session.
-ic <1|0> : Specify whether the cache folder of IE is used as a temporary download folder.
-ac <1|0> : Specify whether the dialog is closed automatically when a download completes.
-pr <proxy> : Specify a proxy server.
-pn <1|0> : Specify whether the cache of a proxy server should be unused.
-td <targetdir> : Specify the folder in which the file to be downloaded.
-sp <1|0> : Specify whether the download sesstion is to splitted into 2 sesttions.
-sl <1|0> : Specify whether download speed is to be limited.
-ss <speed> : Specify speed in kb/s to limit.
-nr <1|0> : Specify 1 to not allow redirection, otherwise specify 0.
-ie <1|0> : Retry if HTTP error responded.
-rn <1|0> : Restart download from start if download is unresumable.
-nd <1|0> : Skip initial dialog window.
-iw <1|0> : No warning appeared even if same file already exists.
-ar <1|0> : Rename file if same file already exists.
-ik <1|0> : specify 1 to send IE cookie, otherwise specify 0.

snattei -rf -to 10 -td c:\down -sl 1 -ss 50 -rn 1

The main argument is treated as URL if is starts with "http://" or "ftp://",
otherwise it treated as half-downloaded file(.snatteit).

*if you have a half-downloaded file and it seems no more download is available for it,but you want to
retrieve it as original form even half-downloaded, you must cut first 500kb(1024*500byte).

*You can add options for Snattei.exe when launched from SnatteiDLM.dll by adding "Options" key
to SnatteiDLM.ini.
For example...

Options=-iw 1 -ar 1